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HIFU System for Face Lifting and Body Treatment

Doublo offers non-invasive treatments for facial Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation, Collagen Remodeling and SMAS Contraction

Affordable price – Easy access with economical device and consumables cost

Quality treatment with a high resolution imaging system. Diverse applications and analysis with a high performance software. Precise and real-time image during treatment. 128 CH , High resolution Image probe. Various optional functions (Keeping patient’s information, MP3 file and Video available)



HIFU treatment theory

HIFU (High intensity intensive ultrasound) energy is focused at the SMAS layer 3 to 4.5 mm below the skin surface to produce a thermal coagulation zone smaller than 1 mm. At this zone, a high thermal reaction occurs at a temperature of 60 ° C or higher, which causes the SMAS layer contraction and collagen remodeling to skin tightening and lifting




Energy Type :
Fluence :
0.2~2J’cm2 (0.05 Step)
Moniter :
LCD screen
BODY : DM8.0, DM 13.0
Spacing :
Cartridge :
M7 7.0MHz, 3.0mm
D4 4.0MHz, 4.5mm
D7 MHz, 4.5MM
Length :
Electrical Requirements :
AC 100-24OV, 50/60Hz
Dimensions :
400 x 455 x 460 x (W x D x H)