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BRAND NEW technique for administering lip fillers / dermal filler & meso without using a needle!! Uses pressure.

NEW Hyapen Pro™


✔Dermal Filler
✔Vitamin Boost
✔Fat Dissolve

Lip volume
Nasolabial folds
Fine lines
Vitamin Boost
Hair loss
Fat dissolve


No needle
No pain
No Bleeding
No Bruising & Complications
Very Natural Result
Get your volume lip WITHOUT needles and no pain in 15 minutes.

All Beauty therapists can do It

Full kit included

Approved – Accredited –  Insurable

Pay now with PayPal (please note, this includes a 3% transaction fee)


Atomizing Nozzle

Body Material:
stainless steel
injection volume:
Operation System:
High pressure
Gold & black
0.4 kg

Hyapen Pro™ Needle-Free Dermal Filler Injection System Features

This advanced micro-injection pen has no needle, so is non invasive, it’s using pressure technology. It uses 6.5 bar of pressure, in nanoscale small molecules 220 nano meters per second. This s the speed of intense air flow which carries droplets of product to the area you are treating with the products you are treating with. It does this without pain. Micro droplets delivered directly through the skin.  Transfer hyaluronic acid / dermal filler to skin dermal layer comfortably without pain.
(Nanometre = A Unit of length – Units of measure. Nanometer (nm), an SI unit of length, equal to 10−9 m (a thousand-millionth of a meter)


The nanometre or nanometer is a unit of length in the metric system, equal to one billionth of a metre
Inject with intense air pressure and dermal filler / meso into the deep dermis.
As there are no needles it does not cause peripheral nerve injury and does not hurt.

The recommended injection technique is the micro-puncture technique, in which very small amounts of hyaluronic acid, VC or other skin boosters are injected into the deep dermis, about 1-2 cm apart. Once injected, the HA gel flows smoothly and spreads evenly into the skin. This non-invasive non-needle injector provides excellent volume application over large surface areas of the skin to achieve the best results

Before and after Hyapen Pro™ treatment


All our machines can be installed and calibrated by our Aesthetic Service Engineers. Wherever you are they can install your machine professionally, set up and make sure you’re ready to go. Our engineers have 25 years + experience with aesthetic machines.

Aftercare / Service:

We and our engineers are on hand if ever there was an issue – it is unlikely but IF that were the case our engineers can fix on-site at your salon / spa / clinic or we can collect / you can send back for fixing and can be back with you within days.*

Get in touch for more information by calling 01823 431574 or e-mail cheap provigil uk