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1 Day course 10am – 4pm
The cost is for 1 person private 1-2-1 at your clinic / salon

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Previous Qualifications:

There are NO pre requisite qualifications for this training – our training will cover everything you need to know and will be FULLY insurable by one of the leading insurers!!

1 Day course
10am – 4pm
Location / Where:
Your own salon / clinic

What do I get?


  • Accredited training
  • Study Manual – electronic and paper copy
  • Practical Training Day with a very experienced , trained, insured professional
  • Fully editable client record cards and aftercare leaflets
  • Hyapen Pro
  • 2 x Cross Linked Filler
  • 5 x Mesotherapy/ Bio revitalization / EGF Tight Botox (TM) alternative (amazing!)
  • 5 x Mesotherapy Hair Regrow (amazing!)
  • 5 x Intralipotherapy / Fat dissolve
  • 1 x Clinell skin wipes
  • 1 x Clinell Chlorexedine skin wipes
  • 1 x Sharps bin
  • 1 x Arni-care cream
  • Full aftercare and support / access to student Whatsapp support group

Lots of knowledge and help! Nothing gives us more pleasure than having successful students!


Our course is highly accredited by CPD making it fully insurable and which allows you to practice this highly sought-after treatment on the public and charge for this treatment whilst also gaining valuable CPD Continuous Professional Development points and knowing that your Hyapen Pro Training Course will be recognised worldwide.

e.l.k Hyapen Pro – Worldwide accredited training – reassurance knowing you could live anywhere in the world and your e.l.k Hyapen Pro Training qualification would be recognised. E.l.k are Hyapen Pro Training specialists.

The Course Covers:

  • Hyapen Pro Overview & Principle
  • Revision Of Skin A & P / Ageing
  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Data Protection Guidelines
  • Fully Comprehensive Client Consultation
  • Pre-treatment Advice
  • Managing Expectations
  • Getting Set up
  • The Science
  • Pain Relief / Anaesthetics
  • Products that can be used during treatment
  • Treatments you can perfom
  • Application Techniques
  • Ideal Candidates
  • Advantages & Benefits of Hyapen Pro
  • Contra-indications
  • Introduction to device
  • Hands-on practical training
  • Q & A
  • Client Consultation
  • Working Hyapen Pro with other treatments
  • Equipment and products Required
  • The differences between different machines
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Treatment Timing Guidelines for your clinic/ patients
  • Frequency of Treatment / Top up treatments
  • Caring for your clients
  • The importance of correct client aftercare
  • Promotion & Marketing / Growing your business
  • Clinic Profit / Turnover
  • Insurance Re-feral

Do I need a model for my practical training day?

Yes – We will discuss this with you upon booking.

Prior to the Course:

  • Read your pre-course study material

  • Add Hyapen pro to your insurance / Obtain Hyapen Pro insurance. (Please ask us if you require assistance with this.)

  • Email us / upload to student portal – ID (Passport, Birth Certificate, Driving Licence) and your qualification certificates. (required for CPD accreditation.)

  • Find models required for your practical training day(s)

What Happens after I have completed the practical training?

  • You will be sent a Next Steps email explaining what is required from you next.
  • You are required to complete 2 Case Studies. – Before & after photos and client consult record and email to us or upload to student portal online.
  • You are required to complete an exam paper.

What Happens after I have completed the pre-course study, practical training, case studies and exam?

  • You receive your CPD / PBD certificate in Hyapen Pro Training.

How many CPD Points is this course worth?


Further Training 

Never stop learning about Hyapen Pro. It is advised that you take yearly refresher course in Hyapen Pro to keep up to date with any changes in the procedure.

Do a refresher / trouble shooting workshop / Take your next Hyapen Pro course.