Our lamps combine revolutionary led and Infra red technology for effective curing and increased circulation and blood flow, improved cell renewal and collagen production , increased nail growth, healthy nails!


E.l.k’s Infra-Red/ Led Lamp uses the latest technology to cure MOST BRANDS OF UV/LED GEL POLISH AND NAIL GEL.
Shellac/ Gelish / Bio Sculpture / Bio Seaweed Gel / IBD / Gellux / Jessica Geleration / Red Carpet / Blue Sky / OPI and OTHER Gel Polishes!


Most colour gel polishes, base gels & top gels will cure 10-15 seconds faster than the manufacturers guidelines.

  • 5 Finger Cure
  • Manual and Automatic Option
  • Digital Control & Timer
  • Touchscreen panel.
  • Variable power settings.
  • Pink Infra-red light / glow instead of blue light which you get with normal UV / LED.
  • Sensor so the lamp turns on or off when you insert your hand or take your hand in / out the lamp.
  • Magnetic Detachable bottom plate.
  • Gel nail lamp nail supplies for salons white colour Gel Curing lamp


e.l.k nail salon equipment and Infra-red / led curing lamp is the healthiest way to increase circulation and blood flow whilst efficiently curing, therefore healthier longer stronger natural nails!


e.l.k’s Infra-red Cellular Mani Gel curing lamps CAN BE USED BY ALL UV / LED GEL NAIL TECHNICIANS. It doesn’t matter what brand of UV/ LED gel polish or gel they use! The entire Nail Tech market!

Latest technology in curing MOST BRANDS OF UV/LED GEL POLISH AND NAIL GEL.

Amazing value lamp. Comparison. – There are NO DIRECT COMPARISONS CURRENTLY! This is the fastest healthiest lamp on the market. This is the first of its kind!


The wavelength range for our red light is 620nm. It belongs to the near infrared which we call NIR. This light source is often used in beauty equipment. For example, the Infra red face mask / facial treatment, Infra red saunas, Optical beauty instruments, which combine red light, blue light and green light for different cosmetic effect.

The NIR 620nm light in our lamp works without affecting the original curing function under the premise it makes the light softer and can protect our hand skin and eye.

Light wavelength exceeding 760 are used for security equipment, more than 850 that will be used in security cameras. But all of them can not see by our naked eye. Our eyes can only see security cameras inside a red dot. But we are a long time watching the red dot on our naked eye can cause serious injury.

Near-infrared light, or photobiomodulation, is used for treatment of chemotherapy-induced oral ulceration as well as wound healing. There is some work relating to anti-herpes virus treatment. Research projects include work on central nervous system healing effects via cytochrome c oxidase upregulation and other possible mechanisms.


  • Promotes Circulation & Cell Renewal / Collagen
  • Promotes Nail Health / Growth
  • Healthy –Salons will have healthy happy clients and repeat business
  • Fastest Curing times –Salons can fit in more clients and make more money
  • Great Price
  • Environmental Protection –Lowest Radiation of any other gel curing lamp worldwide!
  • Easily Cures most Brands of UV/ LED Gel Polish and Nail Gel
  • Pink Light and glow!
  • Comes in 3 colour options
  • 1 year warranty. CE certified


  • Size – The Infra-red gel curing lamp comes in 1 salon size – Standard
  • Colour – Matt Black, Pale Pink, White.
  • Bag – Lamps come in a gorgeous black velvet branded bag.
  • Gel nail lamp and Nail Varnish machines nail curing bag for sale


  • Our customer satisfaction reaches 97.80%,we have every confidence in our products.
  • If Any item is missing or broken on transportation it will be 100% refunded.
  • We have a free-replacement warranty within one year for the operator panel.
  • LED beads were welded on the lamp panel. It is easy for the user to replace the whole lamp panel by themselves should this ever be required we will replace the lamp panel.