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Training Only £695


Training + 2 in 1 medical device with EU medical Device directive £2495


Training + CE, iso13485(2016), KFDA device £1995

Please see our plasma pen and training package provigil to buy online

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Previous Qualifications:
Medical Professional / Aesthetic Practitioner / Level 3 Beauty /
SPMU Artist / Level 4 Beauty/Aesthetic Practitioner /
Anatomy & Physiology level 3.
(Additional Anatomy & Physiology level 3 can also be completed via
e.l.k if required at an additional cost of £199 (Online learning.)
1-2 Practical Days plus 10 – 30 hours of Pre-Practical Day Home study
(depending on your speed of learning)
1-2 Days 10am – 5pm
Location / Where:
In your clinic / salon / spa – worldwide training available

What do I get?


  • Accredited training
  • Study Manual – electronic and paper copy
  • Practical Training Day with a very experienced , trained, insured professional
  • Fully editable client record cards and aftercare leaflets

Full aftercare and support / access to student Whatsapp support group
Lots of knowledge and help! Nothing gives us more pleasure than having successful students!


Our course is highly accredited by CPD making it fully insurable and which allows you to practice this highly sought-after treatment on the public and charge for this treatment whilst also gaining valuable CPD Continuous Professional Development points and knowing that your PLASMA Fibroblast skin tightening qualification will be recognised worldwide.

e.l.k PLASMA Skin Tightening Training – Worldwide accredited training – reassurance knowing you could live anywhere in the world and your e.l.k PLASMA Fibroblast Skin tightening training qualification would be recognised. E.l.k are aesthetic training specialists with 25 years industry knowledge and expertise to share with you.


What is PLASMA Skin Tightening?


This procedure is one of the top latest aesthetic treatments in the world currently for 2018. Everybody is talking about this wonderful new treatment known as Fibroblast, plasma pen Plasma lift skin tightening. It offers the option of getting rid of loose skin, folds and wrinkles without the need of surgery, permanently and relatively painlessly.

The PLASMA Fibroblast device uses plasma, an ionized gas between the tip of the tool and the patient’s skin. During the procedure, electric arc forms, referred to as a plasma flash or mini lightning. Only the surface of the skin is touched causing the tissue to retract and tighten with amazing results.

We are pleased to offer the option of the world-renowned medical plasma device by ‘Ablase’. This is a premium medical device from Greece. Depending on where you are in the world and what your qualifications and background are will depend on which device may be right for you. Contact us to discuss your options.

Areas it can treat-

·       Hooded Eyelids and under eyes

·       Wrinkles around the eyes

·       Forehead / Frown lines

·       Smokers Lines / marionettes

·       Cheeks / Nasal Labials

·       Loose skin on the Jowls/Neck

·       Loose skin on Arms / Bingo Wings

·       Chest / Décolletage

·       Stretch Marks/ Scarring

·       Pigmentation

·       Skin Tags

·       Tattoo Removal

·       Acne Scarring

The Course Covers:

  • Health, Safety & Hygiene
  • Data Protection Guidelines
  • Fully Comprehensive Client Consultation
  • Pre-treatment Advice
  • Managing Realistic Expectations
  • Machine set up.
  • The Importance of a stable machine
  • The importance of machine manufacturer’s instructions
  • PLASMA Skin Tightening – The Science and Facts
  • Using PLASMA Appropriately.
  • Safe Working Parameters
  • Pre-treatment checks
  • Pain Relief
  • Ideal Candidate
  • Advantages of PLASMA
  • Benefits of PLASMA
  • Contra-indications.
  • Treatment Areas – Forehead, jowls, crow’s feet, under eyes, eyelid, tummy, thighs, buttocks, cheeks
  • Working PLASMA with other treatments
  • Related Anatomy & Physiology
  • Skin
  • Skin Laxity Stages
  • Collagen
  • Elastin
  • Fibroblasts
  • Wound Healing
  • Marking the area for treatment
  • Equipment and products Required
  • Pricing Guidelines
  • Treatment Timing Guidelines for your clinic/ patients
  • Frequency of Treatment / Top up treatments
  • Aftercare
  • Caring for your clients
  • The importance of correct client aftercare
  • Promotion & Marketing / Growing your business
  • Clinic Profit / Turnover
  • Questions answered

Do I need a model for my practical training day?

Yes – We will discuss this with you upon booking.

Prior to the Course:

  • Read your pre-course study material
  • Add / Obtain PLASMA Fibroblast Skin Tightening to your insurance (Please ask us if you require assistance with this.)
  • Email us / upload to student portal – ID (Passport, Birth Certificate, Driving Licence) and your qualification certificates. (required for CPD accreditation.)
  • Find models required for your practical training day(s) if required to do so,

What Happens after I have completed the practical training?

  • You will be sent a Next Steps email explaining what is required from you next.
  • You are required to complete 6 Case Studies.
    – Before & after photos and client consult record and email to us or upload to student portal online.
  • You are required to complete an exam paper.


What Happens after I have completed the pre-course study, practical training, case studies and exam?

  • You receive your CPD certificate in PLASMA Fibroblast Body Skin Tightening Training.

How many CPD Points is this course worth?


Further Training 

Never stop learning. It is advised that you take yearly refresher course in to keep up to date with any changes in the procedure.
Do a refresher / trouble shooting workshop / Take your next course.

Did you know? Coming Soon…

The industry is tightening up in 2 years from now and we here at e.l.k are currently working on our Level 4 certification and accreditation, so we can offer you level 4 qualification in all our courses.
When we’re all set up we’ll let you know if you’re already a student of ours and you can upgrade to level 4 quite simply with us from your CPD qualification if you wish in line with industry standards.

If you’re not already a student, please sign up to our newsletter and we can let you know.

Book Now!

Get in touch for more information by calling 01823 431574 or e-mail best place to buy provigil online