Ablase Plasma Fibroblast

Ablase method, Non-invasive “surgery”

Ablase method uses electrons and ions for skin tightening. Ablase method is ideal to treat dermal and epidermal tissue. Ablase method is the alternative method for invasive radio frequency and laser devices or other surgical traditional methods. Ablase method is the latest innovation for semi ablation therapies.
Approved Safe, Effective, Precise, No Botox! improves wrinkles. Mole removal, skin tag removal, blepharoplasty, face and neck lift, body skin tightening and more. (Lots of amazing testimonials to evidence the results!)
Highly Accredited by CPD Accreditation Group Finance & Lease Options available Insurance Available for all courses in England Wales Scotland & Northern and Southern Ireland!

This is a 93/42/EEC Medical Device

EU Directive 2007/47/EC + CE 0476 plasma device

Ablase method uses:

Wireless and ergonomic device using “The Plasma light”, which treats the targeted area, fractionally, without communicating unwanted heat to surrounding areas. 
No risk of hyperpigmentation.
Ablase non-invasive method provides a wide range of applications in dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, and gynaecology. It remodels the superficial layer of skin with simultaneous tightening. 

Ideal for all areas of face and body.





  • REAL ‘Ablase’ Athermic (no thermal effects) Plasma Fibroblast Device with CE and Medical Device Directive.
  • This is a ‘method’ not just device – includes Ablaze method for treating and aftercare/ wound healing
  • Includes Medical Device , Accredited CPD Training Course/ Ablase unique method and medical wound healing products.
  • Treats Blephoroplasty, Skin Tightening on the Face and Body, Product Permeating, Mole/Skin Tag/ Wart Removal.
  • No Hyper pigmentation!
  • Wound healing time reduced to 3–5 days only – not weeks! ( with our wound healing medical product range / aftercare.)
  • You can treat clients with ALL skin types including types 4 & 5 with our device!
  • Smallest needle tip in the world!
  • Other devices deliver thermic damage which means more skin damage / more change of hyper-pigmentation and more pain for the client!
  • Other devices SAY they are REAL plasma but they are Radio Frequency! Our Ablaze device is a REAL ATHERMIC PLASMA Device!
  • Painless! (Compared to other devices because it’s REAL Athermic!)

Technique principle:

Ablase method uses a small electric arc similar to a tiny light (ionized gas). Ablase method is ideal to treat dermal and epidermal tissue, without thermal effect to the surrounding areas. Ablase method intervene on areas, where it is difficult to use the laser or the radio frequency surgical traditional methods.

  • Safe
  • For the patients who do not wish for surgery
  • Without consumables
  • Handy, lightweight, transportable
  • Blepharoplasty, non-invasive or minimally invasive in minimum time.
  • Low cost and better results.
  • The machine has certification CE0476
Plasma is ionized gas form in which coexist in relative numerical balance the positive ions to electrons. Plasma creation phenomenon is a consequence of all-electric discharges in ionized gases, including air. The “arcing” effect on the electrical potential of the membrane of the skin tissue cells. As a result, through the process of rearrangement of ions inside and outside of the cell membrane balanced the electric potential.
At the cellular level we have skin tightening when the technique is applied in the cuticle.

The Ablase method used for skin tightening, depending on the settings and the desired application.

Utilising the Plasma Light method can work in various therapeutic indications such as:

  1. Blepharo-lifting (Non-surgical)
  2. Shrinking of excess skin everywhere on the face, neck, décolleté and body
  3. Skin tightening
  4. Discoloration, white spots, hyperpigmentation
  5. Stretch marks
  6. Active acne, acne scars, and traumatic scars
  7. Hypertrophic scars
  8. Tattoo removal, permanent makeup removal
  9. Crow’s feet attenuation
  10. Smoker lines attenuation
  11. Skin tags
  12. Mole removal

Ablase is ideal for:

  • Dermatology
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Aesthetic Medicine
  • Gynaecology

Before and After


Key benefits of treatment with Ablase method are the direct results (1 session), painless application and non-invasive way of application – diametrically opposed to related surgeries, without skin injuries, with or without contact, without risk.
The result of a comprehensive treatment lasts up tp 12 months depending on the cleaning products.

A key factor of successful recovery after application of Ablase method is the use of autologous or eterologous products in the immediate future by the application. In this manner, the tissue is rapidly restored to its normal state, showing the effect of treatment.

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