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HIFU hybrid system for Face & Body

Doublo Gold is the ultimate HIFU system for precise Face Lifting & Body Contouring. Offering the fastest treatment by Two-way round shooting and Auto Shot mode.

Non Invasive – No Pain – No Bleeding – No Downtime

Faster shot speed : Efficacy improved by repetitious shooting with 300 shots in 8 minutes. Entertain more patients with a faster treatment procedure.

Multiple treatment areas

By treating the upper dermis with wound healing effect, facial pores and skin tone is improved as the fibroblast is rebuilt and collagen is boosted.
Dermal tissue elasticity and collagen increase as fibroblast is rebuilt by wound healing effect from damaging sub-cutaneous tissue and derma layer with thermal coagulation.
Skin tightening to reduce wrinkle and increase lifting effect is done by creating thermal coagulation at subcutaneous fat and SMAS.


Before & After


Intuitive GUI

Easy settings & intuitive controls


HIFU treatment theory

Power heating & Heat coagulation