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Total Solution for Face Lifting & Body Contouring

Doublo S is a HIFU system for Face and Body Treatment, offering Skin tightening and rejuvenation – Applicable to various treatment areas – Safe and effective treatments.

Affordable price – Easy access with economical device and consumables cost

Good for combination with other treatments – RF, Fractional laser, Botox & Fillers.

By treating the upper dermis with wound healing effect, facial pores and skin tone is improved as the fibroblast is rebuilt and collagen is boosted.
Dermal tissue elasticity and collagen increase as fibroblast is rebuilt by wound healing effect from damaging sub-cutaneous tissue and derma layer with thermal coagulation.
Skin tightening to reduce wrinkle and increase lifting effect is done by creating thermal coagulation at subcutaneous fat and SMAS.



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Energy Type :
Fluence :
0.2~2J’cm2 (0.05 Step)
Moniter :
LCD screen
BODY : DM8.0, DM 13.0
Spacing :
Cartridge :
M7 7.0MHz, 3.0mm
D4 4.0MHz, 4.5mm
D7 MHz, 4.5MM
Length :
Electrical Requirements :
AC 100-24OV, 50/60Hz
Dimensions :
400 x 455 x 460 x (W x D x H)